School Facilities

The classrooms are big and can accommodate 20 to 25 students comfortably. Each classroom has a friendly and comfortable environment of learning helps the students to engage in the educational environment to gain more knowledge .
School Library
The school has a well-established library with a well talent teacher which house an array of books suitable for all age groups and provide a serene atmosphere for reading. These air-conditioned library carry a variety of subjects and topics.
Computer Lab
The school has one fully equipped computer laboratory; this lab offers the students an access to audio-visual and internet facilities.
Science Lab
For students to clearly develop and understand scientific concepts, it is essential to practically experiment whenever required. The school has equipped science lab with essential apparatus, chemicals and required instruments for Biology, Physics and Chemistry experiments.
Sport Facilities
Sport is an important part of school activities. There is a court for basketball, volleyball and badmintonas well and also there is an outdoor standard size football ground with artificial grass. Qualified female physical training instructor supervise students' physical training and all classes have regular sports classes during the week.

Jeel Yanbu International School provides all the basic facilities, which is the integral part of any educational institution, at an affordable fee. The management envisions to cater, the innovative school facilities for their students, staff, parents and the community.

An effective facility is the demand of rich and diversified British curriculum to uphold all the prerequisites of integrated lesson, which take place in a safe and secure environment, beyond the four walls of classroom, board and the book.

JYIS, makes sure to update and continue to add much more to its list than what is needed.

  • Safe and secure school buildings
  • Spacious Classrooms
  • Multimedia
  • Internet facility to integrate technological learning for higher classes
  • Well-equipped Science Laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and Biology practical’s and activities
  • Well-equipped IT lab with high speed internet facility
  • Library
  • Astro Turf playgrounds for outdoor sports activities and outdoor learning
  • Indoor educational activities
  • Surplus classrooms
  • Secure and improved indoor environment
  • Invite and coordinate ideas with the professional community members to enhance learning beyond classroom walls
  • Hosting community services to value their rich cultures (Evening or weekend programmes)
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Educational field trips
  • Canteen
  • Books and Uniforms as a built in fee package
  • Activity Room for Kindergarten
  • School bus facility
  • Online Fee Payments (coming soon)

We plan a lot more in future…keep reading!!